MEDomics is a privately held molecular diagnostics company that
was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide Mutation Expert-
based Diagnosis (“MED”) of a patient’s genome to better allow the
physician to deliver personalized treatment. MEDomics was founded
by Dr. Steve Sommer MD, PhD, FACMG, a founding member of
the American College of Medical Genetics and a pioneer in the
analysis of genetic variants that cause disease. MEDomics provides
genomic solutions for the diagnosis of the Mi IDEA Diseases:
Mitochondrial disease, Intellectual Disability, Epilepsy, and Autism
using Next Generation Sequencing methodology and custom
proprietary bioinformatics pipelines for variant analysis that yield
perhaps the most in-depth clinical reports in the industry. Our
dedicated team uses bioinformatics, clinical genetics, and mutation
analysis to provide high quality interpretations of genome data,
which can lead to improved diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of
human disease. MEDomics has been recognized as the first lab
focused on CLIA Clinical Next Generation (NextGen) DNA
sequencing for clinical diagnostic testing. The testing is integrated
with personalized medicine. Biochemical weaknesses are defined to
generate sometimes transforming personalized diet and or
personalized drug therapy.
MEDomics (a practice of molecular diagnosis):
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