Testing Available for Autism, Mitochondrial
, Epilepsy, and Intellectual Disability.

MEDomics provides molecular diagnosis integrated
with the NextGen DNA Sequence mediated practice
of personalized medicine (pMED).
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PBS TV: Girl with Autism and Epilepsy
We are in the early morning of the 3rd Era of Medicine.

MEDomics is a privately held genomics firm that performs genostics (highly
analytical molecular diagnostics of the huge amount of genomic DNA
sequence data generated).   MEDomics was founded in 2008 with the
mission to utilize the transforming power of NextGen DNA sequencing to
provide Mutation Expert-based Diagnosis ("MED") of a patient's genome
and to partner with the referring physician to actuate personalized treatment

High quality MEDomics interpretations of genome data provide the
substrate for identifying personalized diets, personalized supplementation
and/or personalized drugs that bypass or minimize the deleterious
consequence of the newly diagnosed biochemical weakness(es) underlying
the disease of interest. In addition, improved therapy for other symptoms
and/or prevention of future disease can sometimes occur during the process
of the analysis.

MEDomics was founded by Dr. Steve Sommer MD, PhD, FACMG, a
professor of genetics, a founding member of the American College of
Medical Genetics and one of the earliest analysts of direct sequence
defined genetic variants that cause disease. MEDomics provides genomics
solutions for defining the biochemical weakness(es) underlying the autism,
mitochondrial disease, epilepsy, or intellectual disability that a child or adult
patients may have. Next Generation Sequencing methodology, custom
proprietary bioinformatics pipelines for variant analysis, and critical review
of the data by PhD, MD, or MD,PHD clinical mutation experts yields
in-depth innovative clinical reports that may be without precedent.
MEDomics is recognized as the first lab focused on CLIA Next Generation
(NextGen) sequencing for personalized medicine.